Maud M

We’ve had a wonderful experience at LAC Preschool as a family. Our daughter Margaux joined last year for her first year of school, speaking mostly French and while she understood English, barely spoke it. Very quickly, she blossomed from a shy little girl into a social butterfly and now speaks English nearly as well as French. She made many friends, loved her teachers who were all very nurturing and caring, and came to school running and excited to see everyone. Vacation time was actually the hardest as she missed everyone. As a parent I also found there was a very strong bond among the LAC parents and many of us became very good friends and children and parents were happy getting together outside of school. We were also very happy with the curriculum which was traditional and emphasized on knowing the world around them in a playful way and setting strong basics. The teachers were also excellent at communicating weekly lesson plans and feedback on the children’s activities. I highly recommend LAC Preschool and couldn’t have been happier to have chosen it for our daughter.