Special Programs

LAC Preschool offers our preschoolers an opportunity to experience a variety of activities by bringing outside programs into the classrooms. These Special Programs happen approximately once or twice a month at no additional cost.


Gym on Wheels provides Movement to our children twice a month. By engaging the children in a variety of games, dances and music our children work their large muscles groups in a fun way.


Children in the 4’s Program have the opportunity to visit our Mobile Library, select and sign-out books to borrow, and have a special story-time. Parent Volunteers help to ensure the success of our Library Program.

The Nature of Things

The Nature of Things is a family-based animal and nature educational program base in North Salem, New York. The program is a hands-on approach, specially designed for young children, live animals and informative materials. www.thenatureofthings.com

Mad Science

Mad Science visits the 4-year-old classes each month presenting the children with a wide range of thought provoking science experiences. The experiments are engaging, interactive, and a hands-on. The program is designed to captivate the curious nature of young children to help them understand the world around us. www.madscience.org

Class Trips

In addition to our Special Programs, LAC arranges local individual class trips. For these outings, we encourage parents to volunteer to walk with us to and from the locations (only if the parent would like). Some class trips include:
– Visit the Firehouse
– Visit the Library
– Halloween Walk in costumes through the Larchmont Village.