The LAC preschool program is geared to meet the individual needs of the child and is designed to ensure the child a happy, rewarding first school experience. To see a Virtual Tour of our school, please click here.

We believe play is the universal language of children; the medium through which a child learns to feel, see, hear, smell and touch their world.  It is through play children learn to express their feelings, to develop self-confidence and to test their world.  They develop dexterity needed for writing by manipulating the paintbrushes, crayons and by playing with small manipulative. The skills they use when playing with blocks or measuring ingredients for cooking help them to develop principles necessary for mathematics development.  The myriad of sensory experiences a preschooler has are a prerequisite for learning. As a child ‘works’ at his/her play, he is interacting with others, practicing language skills and the art of negotiating.  All of these experiences provide the child with learning opportunities to enhance their growth and development.

You have probably heard the expression, ‘a child’s play is his work.’ You may also have read Robert Fulghum’s All I Ever Really Needed to Know I learned in Kindergarten.  Both are true! Most of life’s most valuable lessons are learned very early on at our parents’ sides and in our first school experiences.

You may wonder how all of it applies to your child and what he/she is doing at preschool. How does it translate into your child’s experience and what does any of it have to do with his reaching his full potential.  The learning that takes place at this level sets the stage for future learning.  As your child interacts with other children and with the materials during the school day, he/she is also developing and learning pre-reading and pre-writing skills. Your child is becoming familiar with math and science concepts and is growing and developing socially and learning the art of negotiation.  All of these skills will benefit your child now and in the future.  All of these skills will be taken with them on their journey through life.

To learn more about the effects Art, Water play and Block play has your child, click here.

These are only a very few of the many skills a child learns as she “works” each day at LAC Preschool. Others include current events (daily calendar), music and movement (creative movement, rhythm, songs), physical activity (jumping, climbing, balancing, running) dramatic play (role playing, stories), self care (hand washing, safety, manners, responsibility), and social skills (sharing, conflict resolution, empathy).

Our curriculum goals are to help each child develop positive self-esteem, to become independent thinkers and to enjoy childhood and all of its wonderful offerings.